Hey guys, I apologize for skipping this last week, however, the post-season has kept me quite busy.

We just finished the quarterfinals against Rapla and went on to win 3-0. We were in control throughout all of the 120 minutes of playing time. We worked on our stuff and focused on our game only. We have one goal and that is to win the Championship, in order to do that we need to permanently make small adjustments so we can be the best team we can be by mid-May. Personally, I consider to have played well in games 1 and 3. I went into Game 1with lots of energy and I knew what to expect. A team that plays hard, fouls hard, takes cheap shots at you and brings on the double. I did not let that get to me and finished with 20/13 in the stats.

Game two was a little funky for me. Mentally took myself out of the game and that is all on me. Always try to let the game come to me but that really translated into me being passive aggressive and with a couple of bad calls (well, I thought they were bad at the moment but I am sure if I watch the tape they were at least 50-50 calls) got me out of my game. I always tell myself “control what you can control”, unfortunately, in this game I lost it a bit and that showed, 7 of 21 in 16min and 4 fouls.Fortunately we played well as a team and as always we got each other’s backs.

Game 3 was a bit of a dog fight. We are in a 4 day camp so we moved the game away from Tallinn. They did not like the fact they had to travel more because Tallinn was closer so they tried to push it to a game 4. (I apologize to our fans they could not see game 3 live but I promise we will make up for it in the SEMIS and FINALS!) Well that did not happen and like Charles Barkley would say… “We sent them fishing”. Haha Personally played hard and got myself some good looks but did not shoot as well as I would have wanted to. Ended up with 11/9.

Now it is time to focus on the semifinals and looking forward to getting back on the floor!

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